USD 40
(HD) DAILY- LENGTH 3 HS It is a 3 hour tour going through the past and the present of Buenos Aires city.

We start the tour in the northern area passing by Retiro, Palermo and Recoleta neighborhoods. There may be found huge green areas, beautiful and elegant French style mansions and the most sophisticated places which reflect the golden times of the city high society at the end of the XIX century. We continue to Down Town going along the famous July 9th Avenue, where we will see the Obelisk. The first free time stop at May Square (Plaza de Mayo), foundational epicenter. Let´s continue to the south, San Telmo, the neighborhood where Tango was created and then, La Boca, the most colorful place in the city, where we are visiting “La Bombonera”, the most famous soccer stadium in the country.The second free time stop . The last stop is taking place very close to the stadium, at “Caminito Street” and at the picturesque “conventillos”, the typical poor condominiums made of wood and tin, where the Italian immigrants used to live at the end of the XIX century. To finish the tour, Puerto Madero, the most modern place and the newest

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Deportrip - Agencia de Viajes y Turismo - Florida 670 local 20 - Ciudad Autonoma de Buenos Aires - Argentina - Leg 13.263
Horario de Atenci贸n: Lunes a Viernes de 10.00 a 19.30 hs.

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